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Saddle Sense

"Very practical.  Easy reading.  A must read for any manager regardless of experience.  I would also add a must read for business owners with employees.  I wish we'd had it 10 years ago."

    - Steve Morrison, Director
      Alabama Carriers, Inc. 

Although Saddle Sense retails for about $14.95 (plus shipping & handling) through internet bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Books-a Million, and Amazon.com, we are offering an internet special price of only $14.50 including shipping and handling.

Also available in e-Book format for only $6.50
(eBook orders will be delivered by email within 24 hours)

Below is the table of contents from the book:

Book Format


1. Saddle Sense
Reflections on the qualities of a person who is well prepared to effectively manage people and relationships.   

2. Followin’ The Leader            
Reflections on the impact of leadership by example.  

3.  It’s A Big Job, Buckaroo
Reflections on the many different roles a supervisor or manager has to fulfill.

4.  Ridin’ on Solid Ground
Reflections on the impact of honesty and integrity in the life of a supervisor or manager.

5.  Positively Influential
Reflections on the pitfalls of negative influence and the rewards of positive influence.

6.  Trust Me Dusty
Reflections on the importance of empowering team members through effective delegation

7.  What Did You Expect?
Reflections on the importance of setting and clearly communicating your expectations. 

 8.  You’ll Eat The Corn You Plant
Reflections on how a supervisor’s or manager’s attitude and work habits can either negatively or positively affect how their team works.   

9.  We Done It Right
Reflections on motivating people to take pride in the quality of their work.

10.  Saddle Up And Deal With It
Reflections on the importance of effectively dealing with conflicts as soon as they arise

 11.  The Lot You Could Have Had  Reflections on maintaining a positive attitude and finding the beauty that is hidden between the challenges in life.

12.  It Happens In A Dash
Reflections on the importance of building your positive personal legacy.

For the past 15 years or so, Mike has read just about every new book that came out on the subject of managing people and building good work relationships, only to find that they seemed to get increasingly longer and more complex in their approach.  Somewhat frustrated, he came to the conclusion that this subject has been overly complicated.  Out of this frustration came the concept for Mike's book, Saddle Sense - Uncomplicated Reflections on Managing People and Relationships

Mike has artfully combined his love for the history of the great American West with his talent for clearly conveying the simple principles of building trusting relationships and providing effective leadership - the same simple principles that worked for the range bosses and formen of the cattle drives on the Old Chisholm Trail of the 1800s.  As Mike says, "It wasn't rocket science then, and it ain't now!"

This book is as entertaining as it is informative, with a wonderful collection of Mike's original cowboy story poems that help to illustrate, through humorous and poingnant stories in rhyme, the point of each chapter.  It is a short, easy read that is packed full of simple, easy-to-apply principles that, when utilized properly and consistently, add up to "Saddle Sense" - a blend of confidence, personal resolve, and the ability to build and maintain trusting relationships.

Mike can personally deliver his entertaining, informative and inspirational messages on leadership to organizations, companies, associations, government agencies, educational institutions, churches, and civic groups.  For  more detailed information about bringing the Saddle Sense Leadership program to your group, just give us a call at (318) 512-1142 or send us an email at mike@high-impacttraining.com.

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