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"Mike is one of the most effective and entertaining speakers I have heard in years. His outstanding personality compliments his extraordinary knowledge of his subject matter and his presentation style is heart-felt and simply enjoyable to experience."

        - Rob Hartmann, Manager of HR
          MidSouth Extrusions, Inc.

"Mike Purcell with Compass Performance Group, LLC gave an excellent presentation at the Deep South Equipment Dealers Association 2006 Summer Conference in Destin, Florida.  Mike's presentation received high praise from our dealers and he was ranked the best presenter at our conference.  He uses high energy in his delivery of the material with examples that add value and credibility to his message.  Mike Purcell is an incredible speaker on many topics and is highly recommended by our association."

        -Vince Zebeau, Jr.
         Executive Vice President
         Deep South Equipment Dealers Assn.

Mike Purcell is one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and effective speakers available today.  Mike has a knack for using his many talents as a humorist, ventriloquist, trainer, author, and cowboy poet to connect with his audience.  His training sessions are very interactive and focused on keeping the group engaged, and his keynotes leave people inspired, motivated, and wishing for more.

If you are searching for an entertaining and enthusiastic keynote speaker for your opening event, a concurrent session, or closing event, a speaker for a retreat, a humorous after dinner speaker, a master of ceremonies, or an effective trainer who is capable of bringing high impact training that is tailored to the specific needs of your group, Mike Purcell is the right choice for you. Give us a call at (318) 512-1142 to make arrangements for his very entertaining and dynamic style of presenting.

Mike is also an accomplished writer and published author.  You can learn more about his book, Saddle Sense - Uncomplicated Reflections on Managing People and Relationships, as well as, learn more about how you can bring the dymanic and entertaining Saddle Sense Leadership program to your company event, industry association meeting, or civic gathering by clicking on the "Saddle Sense" icon at the top of this web page.

Click here to download a PDF info sheet on Mike's Saddle Sense Leadership presentation (based on the principles of his book)

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Click here to download a PDF info sheet on Mike's keynote (motivational / inspirational) presentation called "Saddle Up!"  












Mike's Promises...

As an event planner, your challenge is to bring your group an experience that is either highly educational, highly inspirational and motivating, or highly entertaining, or perhaps all of the above.  That's a mighty tall order.  The last thing you need to be worrying about is "Can I trust this speaker to do what I expect him to do?"  Rest assured that Mike promises to do the following:

In advance of the event date...

1. To provide you with any and all information you need to make appropriate arrangements for a successful speaker encounter well ahead of the event date.

2.  To work with you or your designated staff to customize the presentation to be relevant to your group.

3.  To gain a prior understanding of your organization or association, what they do, and why they want (or need) to hear the message you have requested.

4.  To understand the theme of your event and make his presentation congruent with that theme.

5.  To provide you with appropriate materials for promotion of the event, photos, speaker bio, introduction text, etc.

Upon arrival at the venue...

1. To notify you or your designee of his arrival and any significant delays that may occur.

2.  To be available to you from the moment he arrives, including attendance at any program functions prior to the speaking engagement to meet and greet program attendees.

3.  To be very reasonable and considerate in his travel related expenditures (he really does travel cheaply!)

4.  To be in the meeting room for a SECOND check of all systems no less than one full hour prior to the event.

5.  To coordinate with the set up crew and other speakers to assist in assuring that his needs don't conflict with the needs of others on the venue.

6.  To stay out of the way until it is his time to present.

7.  To be dressed appropriately as agreed upon in prior discussions of the event (he does own neckties - he just doesn't like them!)

8.  To provide a simple, easy to read (in large font) introduction and be available to meet with the introducer ahead of time.

9.  To be in the room and within eyesight of you before his introduction begins.

During his presentation...

1.  To enter the platform with enthusiasm and begin his presentation with high energy and focus (and humor, of course!)

2.  To always use appropriate language and material.  NO SURPRISES!

3.  To engage the audience, as appropriate, with eye contact and opportunities to respond to his message.

4.  To present information that is relevant to the group and the topic you choose, and that has been well-researched.

5.  To use appropriate examples in story form and appropriate humor throughout the presentation (he may get serious, but he never gets "heavy").

6.  To provide and utilize resource materials and audio/visuals (as appropriate to the session) to enhance the experience and make it a memorable event.

7.  To react professionally and with good nature to any problems that may arise in the presentation (i.e. problems with sound, A/V, lighting, or unexpected emergencies - don't worry, he's a fast thinker, loud talker if necessary, quick on his feet and, if need be, he'll make a new doorway to get out!!)

8.  To always be polite and respectful to audience members (even when exchanging light-hearted jabs with someone).

9.  To allow for spontaneous questions or comments from the audience during presentations (workshops, training, and breakout sessions only - not during keynotes and after-dinner speeches).

10.  To never abuse the privilege of speaking with your group by turning it into a sales pitch.

11.  To only mention his resources / products if approved or requested in advance by the event coordinator.

12.  To honor your allotted time constraints and make adjustments as necessary.

13.  To relate his points to your organization or group.

14.  To leave your group smiling, laughing, motivated, and inspired!

After the presentation...

1.  To stick around briefly after the presentation to answer questions and listen to comments.

2.  To get packed up and checked out with little or no assistance from you or your staff.

3.  To itemize his expenses (with supporting receipts) and invoice you promptly after the event.

4.  To follow up with requests from attendees.

5.  To discuss with you strategies to further cultivate the impact of his message upon follow-up.

6.  To keep information that is sensitive to your group or organization in strictest of confidence.

7.  To accept personal phone calls or emails to follow up on the presentation from audience members or leaders.

8.  To show you his genuine appreciation for allowing him to address your group.

In summary...

Mike promises to deliver a very warm and genuine message that is informative, motivating, and inspiring, sprinkled with some great stories, cowboy poetry, and humor in a very professional manner.  Trust us when we say the experience won't soon be forgotten.

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