Mike Purcell - Leadership Speaker, Trainer & Author
Compass Performance Group, LLC
High impact training...High impact results

  "Developing great leadership is not a matter of luck."  
- Mike Purcell     

 Leadership speaker, trainer, author, humorist, Mike Purcell provides high-impact leadership programs and human resource training to a wide variety of clients in various industries ranging from manufacturing to service industries.  Mike's programs address issues including:

  • leadership skills for managers and supervisors
  • teamwork dynamics training for work groups
  • dealing with difficult people
  • basic and advanced supervision workshops
  • conducting effective performance evaluations
  • conducting effective discipline sessions
  • managing employees of multiple generations
  • legal issues awareness training for supervisors and managers

Mike brings the talents, skills and experience to fulfill your needs with professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity.  Mike's goal is simple - to help you create the most dynamic and successful experience possible for your event.



International Federation
for Professional Speakers






"Dear Mr. Purcell,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your presentation of 
 "Saddle Sense"  at our annual supervisor meeting the other day. I have been in the heavy highway contracting business for 40 years, been to a lot of seminars, read a lot of books on management, but have never had management material presented in a working man’s language. It was so simple yet so real in everyday management situations. It was absolutely phenomenal.  I would highly recommend your presentations for any company or industry group that wanted to improve the success of its next conference."

 Richard Richardson, President & CEO
D&J Construction Company, Inc.

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