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Mike Purcell, HR speaker, HR training; managing people

Mike's Practical Leadership Series is loaded with dynamic, interactive HR training sessions targeted to give your supervisory and managerial teams the practical skills they need to successfully manage their own work teams.  In today's environment, leaders are faced with increased challenges to create a workplace environment that is more cooperative, friendly, ethical, synergistic, and team oriented.  That's where the HR training modules within the Practical Leadership Series bring tremendous value.  Take a look to the right to see the selection of training modules that Mike offers to help your supervisors and managers increase their valuable leadership and management skills.

Saddle Sense Leadership
Based on Mike's popular and highly-praised book, Saddle Sense-Uncomplicated Reflections On Managing People & Relationships, this training session is designed to help supervisors, managers, and other team leaders understand the very simple yet powerfully effective principles of leadership that have proven effective in some of the toughest leadership challenges.  This session is filled with actionable items that will absolutely transform your leaders into masters of influence, relationships, and communication.  It is presented in a unique and captivating style that connects with people at any level of leadership.

Dealing With Difficult People
The world is filled with different types of people, and many of them could be classified as “difficult”.  This session is designed to help attendees identify a wide variety of “difficult” personalities and gives insight into how to effectively deal with these folks.

Basic Supervision Workshop
Equipping supervisors with the skills to effectively manage their teams is paramount to a consistently successful operation.  This session uses participative methods and interactive role-play exercises to teach supervisors to understand their multiple roles & challenges, transitions & expectations, the importance of personal accountability, effective communication, motivation, coaching, HR procedures, supervising safety, and how to be a “people person”.

Advanced Supervision Workshop
Now let’s get those supervisors to the next level.  Taking good supervisors up to great supervisors requires filling their toolboxes with some higher-level skills like managing change, understanding integrity in leadership, situational leadership, how to conduct effective crew / staff meetings, interviewing and selecting new employees, conducting performance evaluations, observing, documenting and addressing behavioral or performance issues, effective listening skills, avoiding harassment issues, and how to “walk the talk”.

Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations
Employees perform best in the environment where they are clear on what is expected of them, what they do well, what they need to improve on, and what they can do to make those needed changes.  If done well, the process of conducting performance evaluations is an excellent opportunity to help employees make needed changes in their behaviors or performance, while demonstrating to them that you are willing to invest time in their growth and development.

Managing Multiple Generations
In todays environment, supervisors and managers face the challenges of dealing with the unique perspectives, characteristics, and needs of up to four different generations in the workplace.  And a fifth generation is knocking at the door!  This session offers attendees a look into what forms the perspectives of each generation, what motivates them, and how to effective communicate with and manage each of them. 

Conducting Effective Discipline Sessions
Dealing with a discipline issue is seldom a comfortable experience.  However, given the right skills and methods, it can be turned into a successful and positive experience, both for the employee and the supervisor.  This session is designed to give supervisors the tools and skills necessary to reach that successful, positive experience.  The session utilizes a number of interactive role-play exercises to give the participants the hands-on experience of applying the strategies that will help them deal with the real-life issues they will inevitably face.

Teamwork Dynamics
This session is designed to help all employees gain an understanding of what defines a team, the characteristics of an effective team, what teamwork dynamics are and how they effect the team, understand the four major team player styles, and the traits of the ultimate team member.  The ultimate goal of this session is to set the stage for developing the most effective, cohesive teams in your organization.

Legal Issues Awareness Training for Supervisors / Managers
The major objective of this session is to equip supervisors and/or managers with a good base of knowledge regarding issues surrounding EEOC, ADA, FMLA, protected union activities (Weingarten Rights), and various forms of harassment in order to aid them in avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that come with these topics.  This session is a must for HR managers who want to sleep better at night knowing their supervisors and managers know what their boundaries are on these topics.




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